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Chaos Obliterator Conversion

Finished Obliterator
(alternate picts 1)
Built and painted in 2004.

A lot of people on the Epic Armageddon Forum, as well as myself,
came up with the idea of using the old Epic Imperial Robots as proxies for Obliterators.
They are just the right size but need a little work to look like real Obliterators.
This is a general guide to how I created the Epic Obliterators.

Step By Step Instructions

Colossus Robot
3 x Archaic Epic Imperial Colossus Robots
Chaos Terminator
3 x Epic Chaos Terminators
Ork Nob
1 x Epic Ork Nob
Some Knead-A-Tite (Green stuff)

I know most the items listed above are hard to get models. But I only recently acquired the figures
I have used for this conversion through ebay and other online sources.
So you can find the parts, it just may take a bit of mouse work.