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28mm Inquisitor Osoren Conversion

Finished Obliterator
(alternate picts 1) (alternate picts 2 )
(non painted picts 1) (non painted picts 2)

This is my heretic Inquisitor that I made. I used Inquisitor Eisenhorn as a basis for this model.

Colossus Robot
40k Fabius Bile Figure
Chaos Terminator
40k Chaos Fabius Bile Cane
Ork Nob
40k Chaos Fabius Bile Gun
40k Chaos Doom Rider Gun Holster
Necromunda Shot Gun
Knead-A-Tite (Green stuff)
Knead-A-Tite (White stuff)
Dries a bit harder than the green version and keeps a sharper edge.
A few small pieces of plasticard and some minor bits I had in my box.

I converted this model and painted it back in 2001 when Inquisitor first came out.

Here are the basics of what I did to create this model. First I filled in all the stitching on Fabious Bile's coat with knead-a-tite so it does not look like flesh sewn together and looks like a regular coat. All chaos and associated symbols were removed from the figure. I sculpted robes to cover the powered armour legs. I then cut the needle barrel off of the gun and attached part of a plastic autopistol. I cut out a small circle from plasticard and then cut small grooves into the circle and glued it to the autopistol to make a shot selector. The inquisitor symbol was sculpted on the shoulder pad with knead-a-tite. The butt of the shotgun from Doom Rider looked too chaosy so I cut off the butt of a Necromunda shot gun and glued it to the back gun holster. To finish the model off I added a small Imperial Eagle medallion that I made from plasticard and the eagle was cut off a bolter. That's it.