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28mm Gun Slinger Conversion

Finished Obliterator
(alternate picts 1) (alternate picts 2 )
(non painted picts 1)

This is my gun slinger that I made for 28mm Inquisitor.

Free Company Sprue
Torso from the WFB Free Company Sprue
IG Catachan Sprue
Legs from the 40k Imperial Guard Catachan Sprue
Space Wolves Sprue
Head from the 40k Space Wolves Sprue
Necromunda Autopistol and Stubber
  A few small minor bits I had in my box.

I converted this model in 2001 and painted it in 2004.

Here are the basics of what I did to create this model. This was a pretty easy conversion once I found all the pieces I was going to use. Almost the entire figure is plastic with very little work done to make all the parts fit.
I just assembled the figure like you would any regular plastic model. I did need to do some cutting and filing to get the head to fit on the body. Also the arms I used are from the first set of Imperial Guard plastics. It is neat to see what you can create just mixing various plastic kits and this figure was made entirely with spare parts I had.
An interesting note on painting. I painted the gunslinger model this year, a few years after my first 28mm Inquisitor
figures. I can tell a big diference in my painting style and it is nice to see how my painting has gotten better
over the years (at least I like to think so).