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Chaos Defiler Conversion

Finished Defiler
(alternate picts 1)   (alternate picts 2)
(defiler unit picts)
Built and painted in 2004.

I have been thinking about ways to convert or scratch build substitution models
for the Chaos army. After going through my bitz boxes and looking at my GW bitz annuals
I came up with a good idea for scratch building a Defiler for Epic.
This is a general guide to how I created the Epic Defiler.

Step By Step Instructions

6 x Archive MOW Hulk Iron Claw
1 x Archive Epic Chaos Predator
Left Side Heavy Flamer Sponson
1 x Archive Epic Chaos Predator
Right Side Lascannon Sponson
1 x Archive Epic Chaos Predator Turret 2
40K Imperial Tank Track. "2" & "1" piece.

1 x Archive Epic Chaos Ram Bar 1

1 x Archive Epic Chaos Land Raider
Left and Right Side Twin Lascannon 2

1 x Plastic Orlock Lasgun from Necromunda
1 x BFG Chaos tower
  Plastic Card for parts that need to be made

A number of the items in the list above are optional bits I used to complete my Defiler.
I searched through my bits boxes and came up with a good number of pieces to use for the Defiler.
Use what you have in your bits box or whatever works for you.

A Note About Parts
Shortly after I posted this article at the beginning of 2004 GW stopped selling Epic and Man O War bits. Sadly they are no longer available. Ebay or other buy/sell/trade sites are your best bet for getting these pieces. Specialst Games is putting the Epic 40k chaos line back into production for the new Black Legion army list (rough release date of 1st -2nd quarter 2006), though there should be an official Defiler model released at that same time as well..