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Chaos Death Wheel Conversion

Finished Death Wheel
(alternate picts 1)   (alternate picts 2)
Built and painted in 2004.

Death Wheels by other people.
(Carl's Death Guard DW)

I had been thinking about how you could make a Chaos Death Wheel without it looking silly.
I generally let ideas roll around in my head while I am working on other projects and eventually something comes to mind. So I was going through my bitz looking for pieces to finish another
two EA Defilers, when I came across the Imperial Tank Tracks and the Chaos Spike Ring.
It just clicked in my mind and I realized how I could construct a Death Wheel
for my EA Chaos army. Here is what I used and how I did it.

Step By Step Instructions

40mm Base
2 x GW 40mm Round Bases
Tank Track
1 x 40k Imperial Tank Track. "1" piece.
1 x 40k Imperial Tank Track. "2" piece.
2 x 40k Imperial Tank Track. "8" piece.
Spiky Ring
4 x 40k Chaos Vehicle Spike Rings
(These are the "older" ones not the newer rings).
Lascannon Turret
2 x Epic Chaos Landraider Turrets
2 x Old style 40K Imperial Cupolas
(I am sure any of the newer Imperial Guard or Space Marine cupolas would work)
Chaos Autocannon

2 x Old 40k Chaos Autocannons
(Yes this is a very old part. One of the perks of hoarding all this stuff for years).

BFG tower
2 x Battlefleet Gothic Chaos towers
Plastic Card to fill a few holes and make a base, plus various bitz to make it look "chaosy".

A number of the items in the list above are optional bitz I used to complete my Death Wheel.
I searched through my bitz boxes and came up with a good number of pieces to use
for the Death Wheel. Use what you have in your bitz box or whatever works for you.