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28mm Inquisitor Arco-flagellant

Finished Obliterator
(alternate picts 1) (alternate picts 2 )
(non painted picts 1)

This is my arco-flagellant that I made for 28mm Inquisitor.

WFB "Classic" Ghoul
40k "Classic" Ork Bionic Claw
Some Knead-A-Tite (Green stuff)
Knead-A-Tite (White stuff)
Dries a bit harder than the green version and keeps a sharper edge.
Guitar string and other wire for cables
  A few minor bits I had in my box.

I converted this model and painted it back in 2001 when Inquisitor first came out.

The core of this figure is the WFB ghoul. First thing I did was cut the left arm off the ghoul and the right hand.
Then I bent the ghoul's body into a running pose instead of the standing one it was in. Glued the ork bionic claw
for the left arm. For the right arm I drilled holes into the arm stub and glued the guitar strings into the holes.
Bent the guitar string strings for movement and then used knead-a-tite to make the flesh to cables blend better.
Then I took some knead-a-tite and sculpted the skull cap. I used more wire to go into the skull cap.
The tank on the back are from two hand flamers. The other mechanical bits and injectors on the body
are various thickness of wire or knead-a-tite. That's it for the arco-flagellant.