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The Oubliette is my corner of the web used to further the goals of my evil empire...and show my models. After always thinking I should create a website I finally got around to doing it. The Oubliette is just a collection of various projects. There is no particular theme or goal. I just want to share what I do and some bits of knowledge I have gained along the way.
My Mug Shot

I have always enjoyed seeing how people create / paint / scratch build various things from wargames to dolls. Years ago I was drawn into the whole rpg / gaming genre by a friend and I have always loved it. I enjoy working with my hands and mind to bring creations to fruition. Also another love of mine is writing rules, so expect to see some of my ideas here as well. My biggest problem is I have tons of projects but just not enough time. Maybe one day when my work can be what I enjoy doing in my free time. But then that is a fine line to tread...

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Just for your amusement here is a picture of my work desk. As you can see, I do not work in the tidiest of conditions. I just keep on working on project after project until I do not have any space left. Then it is time to clean my work space and start the whole process over.

If you look closely you can see this was taken when I was working on the Death Wheel. I also had models from Warmaster, LotR, WFB, 40K, Confrontation and other things on the table. (click on the desk image for a bigger picture of my work area.)



Desk of Doom!